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Jewish Community Centers of Greater Boston

About This Site

How to Use bostonjcc.org

This new JCC website brings together, for your information and convenience, all the programs and services of the Jewish Community Centers of Greater Boston under one virtual roof! It combines all prior websites to give you a single, unified view of opportunities to learn, explore, engage and have fun in partnership with the JCC—and provides filters to help you quickly and easily find the information you need.

New features of the site include:

  • Ability to find content based on your location, interest, and/or age (at the top of the home page).
  • Information about classes and programs directly on the site. If you currently register for classes and programs using jccgb.org/register, that URL will direct you to the new CLASSES AND PROGRAMS page. Or, you can access CLASSES AND PROGRAMS directly from the new home page. On the new page you can see everything the JCC offers in one view, and you can filter the content by location, age, and/or interest. 
  • Information about JCC events throughout Greater Boston, and other content that might interest you on many page.
  • Search capabilities throughout the site.
  • Integration with Facebook and Twitter, so that you can Share and Tweet JCC content.

Important Information for Users of Older JCC Websites

  • If you have been using the Leventhal-Sidman JCC website (lsjcc.org):
    Find facilities information at the LEVENTHAL-SIDMAN JCC link on the home page, along with links to classes, events and other information. Information about fitness programs and classes throughout Greater Boston is located under HEALTH AND FITNESS on the home page. Weather closings and other important information will appear throughout the site on a red bar at the top of each page

  • If you have been using the JCC Early Learning Centers website (jccearlylearning.org):
    Find general information about the ELCs at the EARLY LEARNING CENTERS link on the home page. From there, you can visit the (NEW) websites of each of the ELC locations, where information specific to the programs is posted

  • If you have been using a JCC camp website (grossmancamp.org, kingswood.org, kaleidoscopecamp.org):
    These URLs will still work but you can also find the information by mousing over CAMPS AND VACATION PROGRAMS on the home page

  • If you have been using the JCC Special Needs pages, you will notice that there is information about programs and services for people with special needs throughout this new site. For  example, each of the JCC camps and the Early Learning Centers sections of the site have pages devoted to special needs. You can access this content and everything the JCC has to offer for people with special needs by:

    • Visiting the various sections of the site referenced above
    • Selecting SPECIAL NEEDS from the INTERESTS menu at the top of the home page
    • Clicking on CLASSES AND PROGRAMS in the navigation and filtering the content by INTEREST
    • Using the SEARCH box at the top of the home page

Please bookmark this new site and delete old bookmarks! If you need assistance in using the website please contact the JCC Member Relations Desk, and/or send your feedback to membership@jccgb.org


Bostonjcc.org was designed and developed by a team that included RainCastle Communications, Shannon Dunn, Carrano Interactive, and members of the JCC staff.